Bengal cats are astonishing ! They are a joy and a wonder that is difficult to express . We believe that the bengal is the purrfect health therapy animal. We have factual testimony in regards to the health benefits of this feline. The studies go back to the great and powerful Egyptian pharaohs. The spotted cat has been around for a long , long time. Always treasured……always needed……in this world or the next, …….you know ?

Clarkstone’s breeding programs produce extraordinary exotic looking ” LAP LEOPARDS “. Sweet and gentle temperaments heavy emphasis on : temperament , socialization , color , rosetting , glitter, whitted tummies, puffy whisker pads , short soft ( like shaved velvet )smooth luxurious pelts , thick ringed tails and ….LOTS OF SPOTS ! GIVE ME SPOTS!

Our little spots ( cubbies ) are spoiled from the day they are born . The cubs are just irresistible. Kind of like a dream come true. The cubs are hand raised and socialized with lots of love and attention.  We guarantee every Clarkstone cub’s temperament and you will find this uncommon with other cattery’s. We also have a health guarantee that is simple and effective. The cubs intermix with our family and friends within our home . It makes a huge difference in their dispositions to be part of the family environment during the early ages of their lives.

Clarkstone Bengals have placed many cubs in celebrities and V.I.P. homes. Bengal cats are not picky—-they will love you regardless of what your worldly status is. Have we told you how much FUN bengals are ? They are like ” STRESS REDUCERS ” with spots.
Clarkstone Bengals offer pedigreed cubs throughout the year. Being a registered cat means that it’s legal in all of the 50 states.We are open to the public and also can provide breeding stock or other service’s to fellow reputable breeders. We provide mentoring for the new breeders with great results. Contact us today about your considerations, we’ll gladly share our success with you.

Bengals love the company of people young or old. They co-exist with other pets may they be dogs, cats or even ferrets too. Their diet consists of just regular dry cat food and fresh clean water.



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